First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

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A First Aid kit is something every coach is guilty of not possessing at some point in time.  That's why I built the mesh top into the Profi series and include one for free with every purchase.  I put together a 160 piece kit that is the perfect size for the needs of an average coach.  Band Aids, gauze, and other pieces that address scrapes and  bleeding are common player needs.  Personally, I add my kit with additional larger band aids that fit over large scrapes and cuts you find on knees and elbows.  I also carry some form of tape that is placed next to my first aid kit in the mesh cover of my Profi WC.

First Aid Kit - 7.5" x 5" x 2.5"

160 Piece First Aid Kit

Scissors 9cm
Plastic Tweezer 11cm
Cotton wool balls 10pcs/pkt
Sterile gauze pad 5*5cm, 8ply
Sterile gauze pad 7.5*7.5cm, 8ply
PBT elastic bandage 5cm*4.5M 
PBT elastic bandage 7.5cm*4.5M 
Face mask 17*9cm
Medical tape 1.25cm*5m
Tourniquet 2.5*46cm
Alcohol prep pad 3*6cm
Antiseptic cleansing wipes 5*6cm
Adhesive bandage 7.2*1.9cm
Fingertip adhesive bandage 4.5*5.5cm
Knuckle adhesive bandage 4.5*7.6cm
Elbow&Knee adhesive bandage 5*10cm
Triangular bandage 96*96*136cm
Wound dressing 6*7cm
Safety pins     #2
Disposable PVC gloves M
CPR face shield with 1 way valve with 1 way valve 20*30cm
Emergency blanket, silver 210*130cm